Brand Campaigns

Fleetfoot (University)

The project showcases logo design, a brand message, a stationery set, an ad, and a standards guide for a conceptual 'Mom & Pop' delivery service. The instructor gave the 'Fleetfoot' name.

Logo Mark - With Tampa, FL being my location, I knew I wanted to design something that would showcase 'FF' as well as 'TF'. I also wanted the logo to have a sense of a flow to it, an onward movement if you will.

Truck Design: Photoshop delivery truck mock-up



Poster/biz cards

Restaurant Campaign (University)

I wanted to show what I could do by incorporating my illustration skills into a logo. I wanted to create a restaurant that was fun and quirky.

Bath & Body Campaign (University)

For men, the target audience had to be geared toward females. I wanted to create a brand more than just a bathing product. I liked the product to be THE bathing companion, if you will. Each time you use the product, it's as if you are on a honeymoon. With this in mind, the products showcased would be infused with honey. The project outline would encompass a logo mark, tagline, product design, ads, stationery, and poster.

Adobe Dimension Product Layout